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By Jitin Gambhir

Will We See Another Jurassic Park Movie (And Should We)?

It has been thirty years since Steven Spielberg brought the prehistoric creatures from Jurassic Park to the modern age, stunning audiences with the plausible science of resurrecting long-extinct dinosaurs. Since then, the franchise has expanded into a movie series and even a Netflix spinoff show. However, the less-than-thrilled response to the latest film, Jurassic World: Dominion, has left fans wondering if there will be another installment in the series.

Despite the franchise’s massive success and popularity, some question if all the stories have been excavated from the Jurassic World universe. While there are billions of reasons to continue making movies, the question remains, should they? As Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm once said, “You were so preoccupied with whether you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.”

The end of Jurassic World: Dominion saw the release of dinosaur clones into the unsuspecting world, with the creatures infiltrating every aspect of life. While some believed this would be the end of the franchise, the movie’s non-resolution left the door open for future projects. With dinosaurs roaming the Earth again, the possibilities for stories are endless and could range from a spy thriller featuring a government operative navigating underground dino fight clubs to politicians shaping dinosaur policy in a political drama.

While Dominion was not a fitting end to the trilogy, there is still potential for the franchise to evolve and adapt for future audiences. The Jurassic story should not end on such an unimpressive note, as the franchise deserves a proper conclusion. The dinos deserve better than being forgotten, and there is still much untapped potential waiting to be explored.

In conclusion, while there may be billions of reasons to continue making Jurassic movies, it’s important to consider if they should be made. With the potential for unique and exciting stories, there is no doubt that the franchise will continue to captivate audiences. However, it’s crucial for the series to evolve and adapt to remain relevant and avoid extinction. The dinos deserve a proper conclusion to their story, and fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the Jurassic universe.

It’s been exactly thirty years now since the original Jurassic Park debuted when Steven Spielberg brought the iconic prehistoric creatures from hundreds of millions of years ago to the big screen of the modern age. The plausible science that could bring dinosaurs back from the dead blew everyone’s minds decades ago, and it’s become a whole movie franchise since (with a spinoff Netflix showtoo, to boot), with the last film being last year’s Jurassic World: Dominionthe end of Jurassic World trilogy where all kind of dinosaurs are free to roam over the entire Earth with humans.

Given the less-than-thrilled response to Dominion and no future projects announced or even rumored, people wonder if we will see dinosaurs on the big screen again in Jurassic. It’s not that audiences don’t want to see dinosaurs battling each other and eating people. The franchise has racked in billions and is considered a classic. It’s just that we wonder now if the franchise has excavated all the story it can.

There are billions of reasons why more movies should be made, all of them dollars, billions of dollars. But to adapt the famous words of Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm: “You were so preoccupied with whether you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.” So here’s a look at whether we will have another Jurassic movie and if we should have another in the first place.


The World Has Dinosaurs Running Around

Jurassic World Dominion Showdown
Universal Pictures

Fallen Kingdom ends with the dinosaur clones freed from prison and released into the unsuspecting world. We see that the dinos have infiltrated every aspect of life, as farmers still have to grow with giants weighing several tons walking all over their fields, and campers are terrorized by a deadly Tyrannosaurus rex.

Many believed that Dominion would be an ending of sorts for the franchise, as the deadly dino dilemma has been a serious problem for decades at this point in the story, and given that they were running amok around the world, something would have to be done, something must change at the end. But nothing did, as the film was very much a non-resolution to the whole issue of dinosaurs alongside man was completely forgotten, and the film ends with the fact that we must accept dinosaurs living among us.

While this very unsatisfying ending to the trilogy didn’t help the movie, it left the doors open for plenty of future Jurassic projects. Dinosaurs are walking the Earth again, unrestricted! There’s no limit to potential after such an incredible reality. We could have any project because of this; just throw in some dinosaurs.

A government operative must enter the dinosaur black market and learn his way through underground dino fight clubs to take down the gang boss in a spy thriller. Politicians shaping dinosaur policy in political drama get involved with the dino black market and shape the world with prehistoric creatures. A mystery where a psychotic killer starts picking off dinos in rapid succession to reestablish humanity’s dominance over the planet.

Of course, there’s always the unmade Jurassic Park IVwhich would have featured dinosaur-human hybrids. The possibilities are endless, so there are plenty of stories for another film.

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Dominion Was Not a Fitting End

Will We See Another Jurassic Park Movie And Should We
Amblin Entertainment

Dominion wasn’t a bad movie, and it wasn’t a good movie either, but its biggest problem is that it just wasn’t a dinosaur movie. Instead of the big final solution to the dino problem that has been a big issue for decades at this point, we got a random crazy-rich-guy-poisoning-the-world’s-food-to-make-himself-richer plot with an okay human cloning subplot.

There was only a quick dino chase in the middle and one admittedly very cool dino fight at the end. The trilogy capper also didn’t provide any real resolution at all to the big dino roaming-free problem, which was the biggest question on fans’ minds. Dominion just felt like a C-movie with lots of dinosaurs in the background.

The Jurassic World trilogy ultimately failed the whole series, and to end the Jurassic franchise on such an unimpressive and unmemorable low note would be tragic, and the story deserves a better, more fitting ending than Dominion.

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We Need a Good Conclusion

1686782933 215 Will We See Another Jurassic Park Movie And Should We
Universal Pictures

The Jurassic story shouldn’t end with Dominion – that’s not a proper ending for such an iconic and revolutionary franchise. Of course, the next film to come after Dominion doesn’t have to be the final film of the franchise. We would probably have a trilogy to preface that (and when they make the last movie, it had better be titled Extinction, or so help me…).

Before the end comes, though, Jurassic must adapt, dare we say it, evolve, for audiences to continue caring about the franchise, as the Jurassic World trilogy was seemingly created based on the standard blueprint of the average action blockbuster. Jurassic has to become important again if it is to avoid extinction.

With such potential in so many forms just waiting to be made into stories, Jurassic will likely have another film, and probably a whole trilogy. But we need them to return, because the dinos deserve better than being forgotten.

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