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Younger Revival Chances Responded By Star After Ending 2 Years Ago

Youthful celebrity Nico Tortorella delivers an encouraging update regarding the possibility of a revival. Concluding its seven-season run from 2015 to 2021, Youthful was a captivating blend of romance and drama that followed the life of Liza Miller (portrayed by Sutton Foster). Based on Pamela Redmond Satran’s novel of the same name and created by renowned producer Darren Star (also known for his work on shows like Melrose Place and Sex and the City), the series begins with Liza devising a plan to pass herself off as two decades younger to combat ageism in the publishing industry.

During an interview with People, Tortorella expressed optimism about the potential for a Youthful revival. The actor, who played Josh in the series, conveyed a hopeful tone and shared fond memories of their journey on Youthful. Tortorella also speculated about the existence of “another version of that story” and even proposed the idea of a follow-up film. Read their comments below:

“I believe that there will likely be another iteration of that narrative at some point. Whether it happens in the next five years or ten years, who knows? I simply cannot fathom the absence of a film at some point.”

“I view it as a daring move. I perceive it as the correct move. I believe it is not a conclusion… I believe there is more to the tale.”

“I adore those individuals. I dedicated nearly a decade of my life to that cast. The opportunity to return and engage in make-believe at a summer camp in the city with all of them? Absolutely.”

The Ideal Approach for a Youthful Return After a Cancelled Spinoff


Originally, there were plans for a spinoff of Youthful that would have centered around Kelsey (played by Hilary Duff). However, after Youthful concluded and the spinoff was never officially announced, the Los Angeles-focused series was canceled. Instead, Duff went on to secure the lead role in Hulu’s spinoff of How I Met Your Mother titled How I Met Your Father. Subsequently, Duff expressed a preference for a Youthful film rather than a series, aligning with Tortorella’s current sentiments about a potential follow-up film project.


While Kelsey’s path led her to Los Angeles, the finale of Youthful left Josh and Liza’s fan-favorite relationship open-ended yet hopeful. In a time when many reboots and revivals often fail to make a lasting impact, debuting and exiting without leaving a mark, a movie might be a more suitable approach to reconnect with Josh, Liza, Kelsey, and other beloved characters, rather than a prolonged revival that unnecessarily drags on for numerous episodes.

Speaking with PeopleTortorella gave an optimistic update about the chances of a Younger revival. The actor, who played Josh in the dramedy, strikes a hopeful tone about the prospect and shares fond memories of their complete run on Younger. Tortorella also talks about how there’s “more to the story” and even floats the possibility of a follow-up film. Read their comments below:

“I think that there most likely will be another version of that story at some point. Whether it’s in the next five years, 10 years, who knows? I just can’t imagine there won’t be a film at some point.”

“I think it was a bold move. I think it was the right move. I think that it’s not an ending. … I think there’s more to the story.”

“I love those guys. I spent almost a decade of my life with that cast. To be able to go back and just play make-believe in a summer camp in the city with all of them, yes.”

How Younger Should Return After A Cancelled Spinoff

Nico Tortorella and Hilary Duff having a conversation as Kelsey and Josh in Younger

There had been plans for a Younger spinoff, which would have focused on Kelsey (Hilary Duff), but after Younger concluded and the spinoff never officially announced, the LA-focused series was scrapped. Duff, instead, ended up being cast as the lead of Hulu’s How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met Your Father. Since then, Duff has said she would have preferred a Younger movie rather than a series, which echoes what Tortorella is now saying about a follow-up film project.

Whereas, ultimately, Kelsey was headed for Los Angeles, the Younger finale left things open-ended but still hopeful for fan-favorite pairing Josh and Liza. At a time when it seems as though many reboots and revivals quietly fall short, debuting and exiting without an impact, it could be the case that a movie is a better way to check in with Josh, Liza, Kelsey, and others rather than a prolonged revival that needlessly drags on for several episodes.

For the moment, Darren Star is involved with Netflix’s Emily in Paris. Duff is leading her show, while two-time Tony winner Foster will return to the stage next January. Tortorella also just finished a main role on the Apple TV+ miniseries City on Fire. Younger‘s cast and creator may be busy for the moment, but it sounds like they’d want a revival in movie form.

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