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The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presents Link with an array of challenges in his quest to save the Kingdom of Hyrule. To assist him in his journey, he encounters five Sages, each possessing a unique skill that proves instrumental in traversing Hyrule. One such Sage is Mineru, the Zonai Sage, who provides Link with a special ability to ride her and fuse weapons to her. However, mastering this skill can be challenging. Here are the top 10 fusion items to help players navigate Mineru’s abilities:

10. Monster Part Fusion: While fusing monster parts to weapons is common, it is also possible to fuse them to Mineru. This provides a longer-lasting effect as weapons tend to break before monster parts. Fusing monster parts to Mineru increases her attack stat by the same amount as it would a weapon.

9. Zonai Stake Fusion: The Zonai Stake is a device found throughout Hyrule that is useful for holding up certain items. However, it can also be fused with Mineru to increase her damage output. While it is unclear how much damage it adds, it is a great item to give to Mineru for consistent damage.

8. Zonai Fan Fusion: Fusing the Zonai Fan to Mineru’s back provides a speed boost to her walking. While players need to use the fan constantly, the speed increase is worth it. To avoid draining Zonai Energy too quickly, players can expand their Zonai Battery or obtain the Zonaite Armor set.

7. Zonai Rocket Fusion: Fusing the Zonai Rocket to Mineru’s back allows her to shoot into the air. This feature is helpful when players need to reach high places without wasting shield durability or using a paraglider. As long as players remain in Mineru, they won’t take fall damage from heights the Zonai Rocket can reach.

6. Gleeok Horn Fusion: While fusing monster parts to Mineru is useful, the Gleeok Horn provides elemental attacks that can light, freeze, or shock enemies. This fusion item is particularly helpful when players are running low on Zonai Emitters.

5. Zonai Beam Emitter Fusion: While the Zonai Beam Emitter does not do as much damage as other emitters, it is useful for attacking enemies from a distance without wasting arrows. The emitter can hit enemies from a long distance and is a common item found throughout Hyrule.

4. Zonai Flame Emitter Fusion: The Zonai Flame Emitter shoots flames that burn anything in its path. Fusing it with Mineru allows her to have a consistent fire attack, which is helpful in the Hebra region with ice enemies. This emitter is a great addition to Mineru’s arsenal as it provides a fire attack that Link’s weapons do not.

3. Zonai Canon Fusion: The Zonai Canon does a ton of damage to enemies in its path and can hit a large group of enemies from a distance. However, it uses a significant amount of Zonai Energy, making it unrealistic to use for extended periods.

2. Zonai Shock Emitter Fusion: The Zonai Shock Emitter disarms enemies and does damage without using too much Zonai Energy. Unlike Riju’s lightning attack, which has a cooldown, Mineru can use this emitter consistently.


1. Zonai Frost Emitter Fusion: The Zonai Frost Emitter is the best fusion for Mineru as it freezes enemies, preventing them from attacking and allowing players to do more damage. There is no Sage with a frost attack, making this fusion item unique and valuable. While players need to be careful not to get frozen, the risk is worth the reward.

In conclusion, mastering Mineru’s abilities is essential to progressing in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Fusing these top 10 items to Mineru’s arsenal will assist players in maximizing her damage output and traversing Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers Link 5 different Sages to help him during his work of saving the Kingdom of Hyrule. Each sage has a special ability that can be extremely useful for Link while he is traveling Hyrule.

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One of the Sages Link comes across is Mineru, the Zonai Sage. Mineru’s special ability is that she is a construct that Link can ride on and fuse weapons to. Knowing how to correctly use Mineru can be a learning curve. Here are the best fusion items to help you figure Mineru out.

10 Monster Part Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Monster Part-1

While fusing Monster Parts to your weapon is something that a lot of players do, you can also fuse them to Mineru. Fusing them to Mineru can make some of the better Monster Parts last longer than those that are fused to Link’s weapons. This is due to the fact that a lot of weapons will break before the Monster Parts.

Fusing a Monster Part to Mineru works the same as it would a weapon. Whatever part you fuse to her, she will increase her attack stat by that much. This can be extremely useful for players who are trying to maximize Mineru’s damage.

9 Zonai Stake Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Stake-1

The Zonai Stake is a Zonai Device you can find throughout Hyrule. They are usually used to hold certain items up. For example, the Huddson Signs around Hyrule can be held up easily with this Zonai Device. Other than that, you may not find many uses unless you use them in fusion builds.

This makes the Zonai Stake a perfect weapon for Mineru. While it isn’t clear how much more damage the Zonai Stake adds, it does increase her damage by a bit. To make things even better, this Zonai Device can last a long time. It is a great item to give to Mineru if you want her to do solid damage for a decent amount of time.

8 Zonai Fan Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Fan-1

At first, you may think that this fusion doesn’t do anything. You would be right; if you’re fusing the Zonai Fan to either of Mineru’s arms. Instead of fusing it to the arms, fuse it to Mineru’s back. This makes an amazing back piece for Mineru.

The Zonai Fan does an amazing job at causing Mineru to walk faster. You will need to use the Zonai Fan the entire time you’re walking though. The amount of speed it adds is certainly worth it. If you find that this drains your Zonai Energy too quickly, try expanding your Zonai Battery or obtaining the Zonaite Armor set.

7 Zonai Rocket Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Rocket-1

The Zonai Rocket does exactly what you may think that it does when it is fused to Mineru. While fused to Mineru’s arms, it does add some pretty great damage to Mineru’s attack. However, the best place to put the Zonai Rocket is on Mineru’s back.

The Zonai Rocket will cause Mineru to shoot into the air. This can be so helpful if you need to reach somewhere high and don’t want to waste your shield durability or worry about pulling out your paraglider. As long as you’re in Mineru, you won’t take fall damage from as high as the Zonai Rocket can take you.

6 Gleeok Horn Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Gleeok Horn-1

While Monster Parts have already been mentioned, adding the Gleeok Horn as its own entry is certainly worth it. So many Monster Parts can do a lot of damage for Mineru; however, the Gleeok Horn will add elemental attacks depending on which Gleeok Horn you use.

This isn’t nearly as good as fusing Zonai Emitters to Mineru, but if you are running low on those items, the Gleeok Horn is perfect. They can help you light enemies, freeze them, and shock them. These elemental attacks will do even more damage than normal ones. This makes the Gleeok Horn a solid choice.

5 Zonai Beam Emitter Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Beam Emitter-1

The Zonai Beam Emitter doesn’t do nearly as much damage as the other Emitters, making it the lowest Emitter on the list. However, it is able to hit enemies from a long distance, meaning it is perfect to attack enemies from afar without wasting arrows.

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This Emitter is pretty common and can do some truly great damage for being so far away. If you wanted to hit an enemy this far away with an arrow, chances are you would need to use a Monster Eyeball. This puts it above other fusions but below the other Emitters.

4 Zonai Flame Emitter Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Flame Emitter-1

The Zonai Flame Emitter is an amazing fusion item—especially in the Hebra region with ice enemies. This Emitter works like it normally does, it will shoot flames out of it, burning anything in its path. This can do some serious damage.

When fused with one of Mineru’s arms, you can have her constantly have a fire attack. While you have a shock attack from Riju and a water attack from Sidon, you don’t really have a fire attack. Yunobo’s attack is more of a hard-hitting attack rather than a fire one. This makes the Flame Emitter a great addition to Mineru’s arsenal.

3 Zonai Canon Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Canon-1

The Zonai Canon is probably the most impactful fusion you can find. The Zonai Canon will do a ton of damage to any enemies in its path. It can hit a large group of enemies at once and can hit them from a good distance away.

What drops this fusion on the list is the amount of Zonai Energy the Zonai Canon uses. If you don’t have a lot of Zonai Battery, it is unrealistic to use this fusion for any length of time. However, it is still extremely powerful and can help you take out difficult enemies.

2 Zonai Shock Emitter Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Lightning Emitter-1

The Zonai Shock Emitter is one of the best fusions for Mineru in the game. While you do have Riju’s lightning attack which is amazing, this fusion can be even more helpful than Riju. Riju’s attack has a cooldown. Mineru can use this Emitter without using too much Zonai Energy.

When Mineru shoots the Shock Emitter at enemies, they will be shocked and will drop their weapons and shields. The only issue is that Link can also get shocked pretty easily if you go running at the enemy while it is being shocked. Disarming enemies and doing damage makes this one of the best fusions for Mineru.

1 Zonai Frost Emitter Fusion

The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Mineru Frost Emitter-1

The Zonai Frost Emitter is the best fusion you can use on Mineru by far. What makes this so amazing is that there isn’t a Sage that has a frost attack. You can fuse frost items to Link’s weapons, but these won’t last and unless they’re a Frost Gleeok Horn, you won’t get any additional damage.

When enemies are frozen, you don’t have to worry about them attacking you. You also can do more damage to them as they are frozen and cannot defend themselves. The only downside to this is that you’ll want to make sure you don’t get frozen too. However, with how great the frost attacks are, the risk is so worth it. Freezing enemies is the best thing Mineru can do.

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