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Where To Find Chuchu Jelly And Everything It’s Used For

Breath of the Wild is a phenomenal game that continues to captivate players even after four years of its release. The vast open world of the game offers endless opportunities for players to explore and find new and exciting ways to tackle challenges. From discovering new locations to upgrading armor sets, players will need to use everything at their disposal to survive the many enemies in the game.

One of the essential items for players is the Chuchu Jelly, which drops from the gel-based monster, Chuchu. While Chuchu may seem like a weak enemy, its jelly has various applications that make it a must-have later in the game. There are four types of Chuchu Jelly in the game- plain, white, red, and yellow. Players can acquire plain Chuchu Jelly by killing any regular Chuchu in the game world. The other types of jelly can be obtained by killing elemental Chuchu or by using elemental weapons or placing the plain jelly in an elemental area.

Players can use Chuchu Jelly to upgrade armor sets, which is necessary to withstand powerful enemy attacks. Each type of jelly unlocks a different set of bonuses, which players can acquire by finding the four Great Fairy Fountains located across the game world. Moreover, players can use Chuchu Jelly to create elixirs that can boost Link’s health, temperature resistance, and more.

However, players should be careful when combining Chuchu Jelly with other substances, as it may result in creating Dubious Food, which is a waste of resources. The Blue Chuchu can be found in various locations, including the grassy plains and the Great Plateau. The Giant Blue Chuchu drops three Chuchu Jelly and is located north of West Necluda in the Floret Sandbar.

Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece that offers players hours of fantastic gameplay, unique systems, and incredible locales. Despite its age, the game continues to attract new players and veterans who appreciate its relative simplicity compared to other games in the series. Chuchu Jelly is a valuable resource that players can use to upgrade armor sets, create elixirs, and more.

Breath of the Wild may be over four years old, but it is such a remarkable game that players will enjoy the experience time and time again. New players and players exploring the story for a subsequent time will love exploring this massive world and figuring out new and exciting ways to tackle the game world. Players will need to use everything at their disposal early on to tackle the many enemies in this game, which means everything from making valuable food items to upgrading armor sets. The latter is highly necessary to deal with the upgraded enemies in the game that hit like a truck and can wipe out players in no time flat. Thus, Breast Jelly will be a necessity for a variety of purposes. The item is dropped by Chuchu, which can be found throughout Hyrule.

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There are many enemies that players will encounter in the massive open world of Breath of the Wild. From the weak Bokoblin to the imposing Lynel, the enemies in this game can be threatening if players don’t take their threat seriously enough. However, some enemies can be so weak that they’re pretty laughable, and the Chuchu definitely falls in this department. This gel-based monster is a beast that gamers will come across at lower levels, but their Chuchu Jelly is a must-have later in the game. The types of Chuchu Jelly, its applications, and where to find it in Breath of the Wild is a common question that many fans have, and understandably so.

Updated on June 26, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra: Breath of the Wild is a masterful video game that needs no introduction. The game is full to the brim with amazing locales, excellent gameplay, and unique systems that keep things fresh for the many hundreds of hours players put into this experience. There are numerous things that players can accomplish in this game, and it’s genuinely incredible that Tears of the Kingdom somehow managed to expand on its systems to such an extent that Breath of the Wild feels like a prototype in comparison.

Regardless, there are many people who will still love exploring the beautiful world of Breath of the Wild even now, appreciating its relative simplicity compared to the many complex systems present in Tears of the Kingdom. There are many items that players can mess around with in the game to great effect, including the Chuchu Jelly that players can find after killing these enemies. There are many ways that players can manipulate these items in Breath of the Wildranging from making elixirs to using elemental Breast Jellys to take out their opponents if used correctly as well.

Types Of Chuchu Jelly

Chuchu Jelly Breath of the Wild

There are four different types of Breast Jelly in OTWincluding plain, white, red, and yellow. Plain Chuchu jelly is a drop from Chuchu in the wild. Plain Chuchu Jelly can be sold to Beedle and Kilton for five Rupees and three Mon respectively. The plain Chuchu Jelly dropped from the Blue Chuchu can also be transformed into the other three types of Jelly. The Jelly is elementally transformed by ice, fire, or electrical energy.

Type Of Jelly

How To Acquire

Plain (Blue) Chuchu Jelly

Kill any regular Chuchu in the game world

White Chuchu Jelly

Kill any Ice Chuchu in the game world; alternatively, kill a regular enemy with a frost weapon or place a regular Chuchu Jelly in an icy region

Red Chuchu Jelly

Kill any Fire Chuchu in the game world; alternatively, kill a regular enemy with a fire weapon or set a regular Chuchu Jelly on fire

Yellow Chuchu Jelly

Kill any Electric Chuchu in the game world; alternatively, kill a regular enemy with an electric weapon or get lightning to strike a regular Chuchu Jelly

Each type of Chuchu Jelly can also be found in the wild, but the elemental Chuchu is not as common and is more difficult to farm. Players will want to have each type of Jelly for a multitude of reasons, making them surprisingly effective items for players who love manipulating this object in the game. People have found really creative uses for these items in the game, showing just how incredible the gameplay of Breath of the Wild really is.

Nipple Jelly Uses

Breath of the Wild Soldiers set

The most common reason players will want to collect OTW Breast Jelly is to craft upgraded armor. As players progress through the game, it’s only a given that they’ll need armor with the highest stats around to tank enemy attacks and not be one-shotted by some of the more powerful enemies in the game. With better upgrades, players will be able to eat hits without being downed in one shot or having to scarf down a ton of food after being forced through a tough predicament.

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Breast Jelly

Armor Set

Set Bonuses Unlocked

Upgrade Acquired


Plain (Blue) Chuchu Jelly

Soldier’s Set

Tier 1: 3 Armor


Tier 1: 5 Chuchu Jelly & 3 Bokoblin Guts

White Chuchu Jelly

Desert Food Set

Tier 1: 5 Armor Tier 2: 8 Armor

Tier 1: Heat Resistance Tier 2: Shock Resistance

Tier 1: 3 White Chuchu Jelly Tier 2: 5 White Chuchu Jelly & 3 Ice Keese Wing

Red Chuchu Jelly

Snowquill Set

Tier 1: 5 Armor Tier 2: 8 Armor

Freeze Resistance

Tier 1: 3 Red Chuchu Jelly Tier 2: 5 Red Chuchu Jelly & 3 Warm Safflina

Yellow Chuchu Jelly

Rubber Set

Tier 1: 5 Armor Tier 2: 8 Armor

Shock Resistance

Tier 1: 3 Yellow Chuchu Jelly Tier 2: 5 Yellow Chuchu Jelly & 5 Voltfruit

Armor Sets

In order to make upgrades to armor, players must first find at least one of the four Great Fairy Fountains. These Great Fairies are incredibly useful, and players need to discover all four fountains if they want to upgrade their armor sets to the highest level. These fountains are spread all across the game world, encouraging players to explore the world even more to ensure that they can battle the toughest enemies without any fear whatsoever!

Great Fairy


Great Fairy Cotera

Forest above Kakariko Village

Great Fairy Kays

North side of Pier Ridge in the southern Tabantha Frontier

Great Fairy Mija

The Kaepora Pass is located in the Akkala Highlands

Great Fairy Tera

Southwest end of the Gerudo Desert, in the Great Skeleton


In OTWBreast Jelly also serves one other principal purpose — creating elixirs. Instead of using Monster Parts, gamers can use Chuchu Jelly. This will not alter the process apart from the need for Monster Parts. These elixirs can do everything from raising Link’s health to improving his temperature resistance, which can prove to be a huge help when players have to traverse dangerous terrain without suffering the debilitating effects of the same.

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However, players should be wary when combining Chuchu Jelly with other substances. If the combination isn’t correct, then players can end up making Dubious Food instead. This hilarious item is censored because of how disgusting the substance really is, but it does heal Link for a few hearts depending on the quality of the monster parts used. Unfortunately, since Chuchu Jelly is such a common item, most people shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that any kind of Dubious Food made by this item is bound to restore only a few meager hearts, making it a complete waste of this resource.

Best Places To Find Chuchu

breath of the wild age of calamity map

The Blue Chuchu can be found throughout Hyrulespecifically in the grassy plains and the Great Plateau. Players can search for the Giant Blue Chuchu as well, which is north of West Necluda in the Floret Sandbar. This Giant Chuchu will drop three Chuchu Jelly instead of one. Giant Blue Chuchu will appear in Hyrule Field as well, but not as consistently.



Regular (Blue) Chuchu

Hyrule Field & West Necluda

Ice Breasts

Hebra Mountains

Fire Chuchu

Death Mountain & other scorched areas

Electric Chuchu

Gerudo Desert & Faron forests

Gamers that want to skip the tedium of searching for and farming Chuchu can use the infinite farming method, which is a great way to hoard a ton of these substances with little to no problems. However, given how prominent these enemies are in the game, most people wouldn’t really have the need to farm these enemies since encountering them organically is more painless. Regardless, there are players who will also love the idea of exploiting any game for their own benefit, especially when it comes to the glorious sandbox of Breath of the Wild.

Infinitely Farm Chuchu

Breath of the Wild Big Chuchu

Players will need to fast travel to the Keo Ruug Shrine in the Korok Forest and participate in the Trial of Wood. After arriving at the Shrine, gamers should head straight between the two large trees. There will be a path to the right that leads to an NPC that says “I hope you studied!”. Before beginning the trial, players will want to have a movement speed buff active. The stealth or the dark armor set will help to speed up the process even more, but it is not necessary.

Each of the trials will cost players 25 Rupees, but there will always be at least six Chuchu in each trial. This method is the only way to ensure that Chuchu will respawn automatically in Breath of the Wild. While it will not be cheap to use this method, it is the fastest way to farm Blue Chuchu. After killing all of the Chuchu, players can throw their weapons to be disqualified from the trial.

The entire process will take around thirty seconds each time. Gamers can get all of the Jelly they need in about ten to fifteen minutes. Because the other types of jelly can be created using the Blue Jelly, this is the only method gamers need to use to collect the necessary Jelly to upgrade armor in Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available on Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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