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All Chapter 4 Season 3 NPC Locations

As players explore the vast Fortnite map, they may come across speech bubbles indicating nearby characters with whom they can interact. These Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) offer services in exchange for gold bars. This guide provides the locations and services of all the friendly NPCs in the Collection tab, as well as other encounters players may have with various characters throughout Chapter 4 Season 3.

Update 25.10 introduced new friendly NPCs that players can rely on for help and services, as well as a new jungle boss. Defeating the jungle boss rewards players with exclusive Mythic rarity loot that cannot be obtained any other way. This guide has been updated to include these new additions.

At the start of the season, players could find 16 NPCs on the island, and now there are 20 wandering around, each with their own unique services to offer. None of these NPCs are hostile unless provoked, and taking them out only yields uncommon loot. Knowing where to find specific NPCs can be useful for completing quests. Here are their locations and services:

Players should always talk to NPCs when they’re nearby, as they offer free items and XP. Other NPCs may be encountered randomly on the map, but cannot be interacted with. Highcard NPCs can be defeated for a vault key, allowing players to open vaults at specific landmarks. Wildguard Relik is the main boss of the season, hostile at all times, but defeating him rewards players with exclusive Mythic items.

Fortnite is available on various platforms, including Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. For more information on Battle Pass skins, check out our guide to Chapter 4 Season 3.

While exploring the numerous POIs and landmarks on the Fortnite map, players will sometimes notice a speech bubble appear on their map. This means that a character that they can interact with is nearby, and they will exchange gold bars for some of their services.

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This guide will show players the locations of all the Fortnite NPCs in mentioned in the Collection tab of the game, and other encounters that they might have with other characters wandering around the Chapter 4 Season 3 map.


Update June 24, 2023, by Ashely Claudino: Update 25.10 was the first major content update of Chapter 4 Season. It added new friendly NPCs that players can count on for help and services, but it also added a brand-new jungle boss that can be eliminated for exclusive, Mythic rarity loot that can’t be obtained any other way. This guide has been updated to include all of these new additions to Fortnite.

Friendly Character Locations and Services

fortnite character selling shadow tracker chapter 4 season 3

At the start of the season, players could find a total of 16 NPCs on the Fortnite island, and now there are 20 characters wandering on the islandall of which have their own services to offer. It’s likely that this number will increase as more updates are released throughout Chapter 4 Season 3.

None of these NPCs will be hostile or aggressive towards the players unless provoked. It’s not worth taking them out on purpose since they have a significant amount of health and only drop uncommon loot once eliminated.

It’s useful to know where to find a specific NPC if they have any items that might be required for a quest, so here is the location of every friendly character on the Fortnite battle royale map and the kind of services they’ll have available:

Character’s Collection Number

Character Name


Available Services



Royal Ruin landmark – west of The Citadel and south of Breakwater Bay

  • Sells Combat SMG
  • Sells Firefly Jar



The Hall of Whispers landmark – west of Slappy Shores and south of Brutal Bastion

  • Activates Prop Disguise
  • Sells Submachine Gun


Innovator Slone

Southern Ruin landmark – southeast of Rumble Ruins and northwest of Mega City

  • Sells Flapjack Rifle
  • Sells grenades



Hitches and Ditches landmark – east of Shattered Slabs and northeast of Frenzy Fields

  • Sells Thermal DMR
  • Sells Key



Neon Bay Bridge landmark – west of Kenjutsu Crossing and south of Steamy Springs

  • Sells Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Sells Tactical Pistol


Guardian Amara

Brutal Bastion

  • Sells Kinetic Boomerang
  • Sells Small Shield Potions



The Apparatus landmark – east of Rumble Ruins and southeast of Creeky Compound

  • Sells Thermal DMR
  • Sells Tactical Pistol



Northern Ruin landmark – north of Shady Stilts and east of Breakwater Bay

  • Sells Exotic Shadow Tracker
  • Sells Bananas


Purradise Meowscles

Sunswoon Lagoon landmark – west of Creeky Compound and north of Rumble Ruins

  • Sells Havoc Pump Shotgun
  • Sells Shield Potions



Frenzy Fields

  • Available for hire (Medic Specialist)
  • Sells Med-Mist


Triage Trooper

Slappy Shores

  • Available for hire (Medic Specialist)
  • Sold With Kit



Breakwater Bay

  • Available for hire (Heavy Specialist)
  • Sells Maven Auto Shotgun



Drift Ridge landmark – north of Mega City and southeast of Rumble Ruins

  • Available for hire (Heavy Specialist)
  • Sells Drum Shotgun



Rumble Ruins

  • Available for hire (Scout Specialist)
  • Reveals next Storm Circle



Eastern Watch landmark – northeast of The Citadel and southeast of Breakwater Bay

  • Available for hire (Scout Specialist)
  • Reveals next Storm Circle


Munitions Expert

Fallow Fuel landmark – north of Kenjutsu Crossing and southwest of Knotty Nets

  • Upgrades weapons
  • Available for hire (Supply Specialist)



Seaside Sentry landmark – on the beach by Seaside Sentry, northwest of Shattered Slabs

  • Sells Havoc Suppressed Rifle
  • Sells Tactical Pistol



Burning Beacon landmark – on the beach southeast of Neon Bay Bridge, southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing

  • Sells Small Shield Potions
  • Sells Shield Potions



Berg Barge landmark – north of Shady Stilts and west of Beep ‘N Bounce

  • Available for a Duel (reward: Submachine Gun or Tactical Pistol)
  • Sells Shield Fish
  • Sells Fishing Rod



Berg Barge landmark – near Turk, north of Shady Stilts and west of Beep ‘N Bounce

  • Available for a Duel (reward: Havoc Pump Shotgun or Havoc Suppressed Rifle)
  • Sells Floppers
  • Sells Fishing Rod

Gamers should always talk to an NPC when they’re nearby; characters will give a free item and some XP to those that speak to them.

Other NPCs

highcard and cold blooded members fortnite

There are more NPCs on the map beside the ones mentioned above; they work a bit differently, but players can still benefit from encountering them.

Random Encounters

Players might have random encounters on the map with unexpected NPCs. It’s not possible to interact with these charactersand they will often simply be standing around with a few chests around them or doing a random activity.

Highcard NPC

There are also Highcard NPCs that appear marked on the map, and players can defeat them to collect a vault key. These characters aren’t hostile at first, but the entire group will start shooting at the player if they attack them. Gamers can take down the Highcard boss to open the vaults at the Eastern Watch landmark, the Secluded Spire, and Meadow Mansion.

Wildguard Relic Boss

Wildguard Relik is Chapter 4 Season 3’s main boss. Unlike Highcard, he is hostile at all times and will immediately attack on sight. Even though he’s strong and highly aggressive, Wildguard Relik can be worth defeatingespecially if gamers have confidence in their arsenal of weapons and are at max health and shields.

defeated boss loot in rumble ruins

Wildguard Relik drops two exclusive items once he’s been defeated: Wildguard Relik’s Mythic Cloak Gauntlets and Wildguard Relik’s Mythic MK-Alpha Assault Rifle. These are improved versions of the Cloak Gauntlets and the MK-Alpha Assault Rifle. So, even though they’re harder to obtain, they’re a guaranteed drop and will provide an advantage compared to their standard counterparts.

Fortnite is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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