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Final Fantasy 16: Belphegor Location & Guide

Final Fantasy 16 presents a world that is more linear than its predecessor, but still offers players the opportunity to explore many areas and engage in various side activities that can help Clive become stronger through new gear or increased AP.

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One of the side activities in the game is Hunts, which are unlocked later on. Clive must find and defeat Notorious monsters throughout Valisthea, and while the game provides a general area for the hunt, half the challenge is locating the target.

Finding Belphegor


To find Belphegor, interact with Nektar the Moogle near the Hunt Board in the Hideaway to obtain information about its location and the reward for defeating it.


Belphegor can be found at the Broken Hilt region of Rosaria. To get there, travel to the Obelisk within the town of Eastpool, head south out of the village towards the wheat field. Stick to the left side of the field and run past the building. There will be a small valley to pass, and Clive must defeat a few weaker monsters to charge up the Limit Break before proceeding. Belphegor is located in a small clearing that overlooks the rest of Rosaria.

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One of these activities are Hunts, which are unlocked a bit later in the game, and will have Clive finding and killing Notorious monsters throughout Valisthea. While hunts give you a general area to hunt in, half of the challenge of a hunt is finding your target.

Where To Find Belphegor

Belphegor Location On World And Local Map

To see Belphegor’s information, interact with Nektar the Moogle near the Hunt Board in the Hideaway to see where you’re going and what the reward will be.

Belphegor is located in the Broken Hilt region of Rosaria. To get here, travel to Eastpool (specifically the Obelisk within the town of Eastpool). Head south out of the village and towards the wheat field ahead. Stick to the left side of the field and run past the building. There will be a small valley to pass, though, with a few weaker monsters you should take out to charge out more of your Limit Break before proceeding. Past these monsters will be Belphegor in a small clearing overlooking the rest of Rosaria.

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How To Defeat Belphegor

Clive Using Different Eikon Abilities Against Belphegor

Belphegor is a fire-breathing Wyrm that flies around the map and tries to stay out of Clive’s reach. Phoenix Shift is your friend in this fight, as it can bring you into the air with the monster or over to where it just landed to interrupt it before it starts shooting fireballs. Of its breath-based attacks, fire breath tends to have a smaller area of effect and can easily be side-stepped to fight it from its side. It can also shoot fireballs in batches of three before it moves to its next attack.

The Gouge ability and Rising Flames are great for breaking its stagger or quickly dealing damage between attacks, respectively. Belphegor will always be moving around, so take advantage of the few seconds it stops to focus on staggering over damage so that it will have to sit still and take the punishment from your other abilities and Limit Break.

Defeating this monster will reward you with 8,000 Gil and 20 Renown.

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